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Heidelberg Spectralis® OCT

  • Spectral-Domain OCT (SD-OCT)
  • High resolution infrared laser fundus imaging
  • TruTrackTM Active Eye Tracking
  • AutoRescanTM precision follow-ups
  • Smallest measurable change
  • Heidelberg Noise ReductionTM technology
  • Automatic Real Time image stabilizatio

Looking for Small Changes with Precision Eye Tracking

Whether it is glaucoma, pre-op surgical assessment or adjusting anti-VEGF therapy, confidently detecting and assessing small changes may change your treatment decision. In diagnostic imaging, motion artifact is the number one problem limiting confident detection of small change.

Spectralis® solves this problem by using cSLO technology to track the eye and guide OCT to the selected location. TruTrack™ Eye Tracking comes from a long history of image alignment know-how, validated in longitudinal studies such as the Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study.
Not only are the scans guided on first examination, TruTrack™ automatic retinal recognition technology enables follow-up examinations to be scanned in the same exact location without relying on subjective operator judgment.

Finely Detailed Images with Heidelberg Noise Reduction™

In the new era of spectral-domain OCT, fast scanning speed is not enough. Just like Dolby® noise reduction eliminates static in sound recordings, Heidelberg Noise Reduction technology eliminates speckle (static) in images, revealing fine detail in the retinal layers.
Combining eye tracking with noise filtering technology enables the Spectralis® to produce stunning new images of all of the retinal layers. New anatomical structures are already being uncovered which may lead to a better understanding of disease and help guide therapeutic decisions.