• SIGMA 250 BIO with LED HQ Illumination
    The SIGMA 250 is our latest generation Spectacle Mounted BIO, and is a complete replacement to the SIGMA 150.  It has been updated to feature HEINE LED HQ Illumination for increased durability and performance.  As you have come to expect from HEINE LED HQ instruments, the SIGMA 250 offers the following benefits:

    Durability:  Instrument will have no consumable costs, as the LED will never need to be changed.  The high efficiency and low power consumption means extended operating times and longer battery life of the mPACK LL.

    Thermal Management:  By using carefully selected heat diffusing materials, it ensures the LED operates at the ideal temperature for consistent performance and long operating life.

    Colour Rendering:  LED has an exceptionally high CRI (90+) for the most reliable and accurate diagnosis.

    Homogeneity of the light:  the LED is synchronized with the optical system to ensure an absolutely homogenous distribution of light across the field of view. 

    Light Intensity:  The LED and BIO have been engineered to provide the optimal illumination ideally suited for Indirect Ophthalmoscopy, the illumination can be continually adjusted for patient comfort.