• Easy-to-use
    The unsurpassed ease-of-use of the touchscreen, and the straightforward graphical user interface guide you through every operation. The high-resolution LCD touchscreen provides an intuitive user interface.

    Superior accuracy
    Industry-leading signal acquisition and processing helps ensure accurate measurements. State-of-the-art digital technology (Accutome’s Digital Signal Analysis), combined with a probe sampling of 65 Mhz ensures precise readings.

    Smarter software
    Allows entry of intraocular pressure (IOP) and provides corrected IOP based on corneal thickness measurements.
    Displays measured corneal thickness, entered IOP, corrected IOP, and average of standard deviation for all stored measurements. Automatically capture and store up to nine measurements for each eye, along with the running average of all measurements taken.

    USB interface
    The USB flash drive is used to store patient data, which can be transferred to a computer for storage, or printed.