• The MC-500, with its flexible laser unit configuration, enables the doctor to freely select and order the laser of one, two, or three colors, among the three of green, yellow, and red lasers. It provides the doctor with only the wavelength required in accordance with the clinical cases.
    The MC-500 adopts 577 nm laser as the yellow and 647 nm laser as the red.

    The 577 nm laser has little absorption to xanthophyll and higher transmission rate through the opaque and absorption rate to oxygenated hemoglobin than 561 nm and 568 nm laser. This  applies to PRP, lesion close to the macula, and has plentiful results associated with the Dye lasers.
    The 647 nm laser has been used for many years with the Krypton lasers. This has less penetration to the tissues than 659 nm laser and applies to the photocoagulation in deep part of chorioid.