• NEW High Resolution OCT Angiography with WideField Capability
    Observe microvascular details and get valuable clinicial insights non-invasively with this new OCT imaging technology. Acquired like a regular OCT scan, OCT Angiography (OCTa) scans provide full retina thickness vascular details like a conventional angiography, however the details can be segmented out to different layers of the retina for new insights. NIDEK’s eye tracing allows HD OCTa scans to be acquired across a 12 x 9mm area for a more comprehensive understanding of the retinal vasculature.

    Wide Area And High Definition OCT With Eye Tracing
    The RS-3000Angio’s SLO camera provides clear retinal imaging so that the instrument can lock onto the retina with it’s special eye tracing feature for rastering of up to 120 images. This eye tracing feature also eliminates eye motion artifacts from all OCT imaging and even allows rastering of data cubes.

    Torsion Eye Tracer (TET) For Accurate Image Capture
    TET  helps the RS-3000Angio lock onto the retina to eliminate eye motion challenges – even for torsional changes. This also allows more accurate follow up capabilities as the RS-3000Angio can lock onto retinal vasculature and position the OCT scanning position in the exact position as the baseline exam.

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