• SIRIUS is a high precision system for the three-dimensional analysis of both the cornea and the anterior segment. 
    Using data gathered by both Scheimpflug and Placido imaging, the Sirius provides precise measurements of elevation, curvature, power, and thickness for the whole cornea.
    The Sirius is a perfect tool for many settings:

    - Cataract Surgery: All of the parameters required for premium cataract surgery, including the net power and axis of toricity using information from both corneal surfaces, are captured and presented in a comprehensive report for cataract surgeons.

    - Refractive Surgery: As both images of the cornea are captured, the Sirius provides valuable insight in screening for ectasia as well as providing the standard information about corneal curvatures and thicknesses required for refractive surgery.

    - Other Corneal Procedures: The Sirius' suite of topographic maps and analysis provides insights for other corneal procedures.

    • Pending Health Canada Approval, currently only intended for the international market.