New Glasses Promise a Solution to Colour Blindness

About 10 per cent of the population is colour blind and simply can't perceive as many colours as those with normal vision. There has never been any way to correct the condtion but now, a U.S. company claims they have created glasses that can open up a world of colour to users. But some eye experts remain skeptical.

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HAAG-STREIT Octopus Tip of the Month

Fast or slow progression?
EyeSuite Progression Analysis shows rate of progression in dB/year

EyeSuite Progression Analysis provides very useful clinical information about the rate of progression of a patient. This rate is indicated in dB/year and allows clinicians at a glance to distinguish between fast and slowly progressing patients. As a consequence, they can adapt their treatment accordingly to each patient's need. Most experts today agree, that this rate-based progression analysis is a very useful tool in clinical practice.

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